Please read and accept the following terms and conditions prior to placing an order for Photography, Video or Matterport Floor Plans:

• Property to be photographed or filmed will be “Photo Ready” upon Photographers arrival.
• If Property is not ‘Photo Ready’, there will be a Same Day cancellation or delay fee.
• Same Day - 24 Hour cancellation fee - $125.00

• Same Day - 3 Hour notice/On Site cancellation fee - $175.00
• Delay Fee: $50.00 per 15 minute delay up to 30 minutes.

Photo Ready: 

The Property indoor and outdoor is completely clean, Staged (if applicable), clutter free and has all light bulbs in working order. 

Same Day Cancellation Fee:

The Property is entirely not prepared or ‘Photo Ready’ to be professionally photographed. 

Delay Fee: 

At the Photographers discretion and time frame, they may be able to wait for up to two 15 minute increments from the original appointment time. 

Weather Related Cancel Fee:

It is your responsibility to cancel due to inclement weather.